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My trip to Cuba proved that anything was possible.

Amilton’s Travel Story When Amilton was in college at Umass Boston, he was chosen by his Africana Studies professor to go on a trip to Cuba, sponsored by the United Nations. He had been helping his professor edit a documentary ...

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VIDEO: Cape Verdeans march for Heritage Park in Providence

Cape Verdeans march, continue struggle for monument in Providence PROVIDENCE, R.I. — They waved the Cape Verdean flag and banged on drums while marching on Sunday to India Point Park near where their ancestors first landed after leaving the West ...

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Conversão ao Judaismo: Uma grande jornada

Conversão ao Judaismo: Uma grande jornada   A fé monoteista (crença em um só Deus) dos Judeus começou com Patriarca Abraão em Ur dos Caldeus, cerca de 5776 BC. Judaismo refere-se a religião e a nacionalidade dos judeus. Inclui não somente ...

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