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10 effective actions to positively change your mindset.

BOOST YOUR MINDSET As humans, we’re all born with a mind that can be developed overtime. That development is dependent on many factors such as our upbringing, environment, education, associations etc. I always say, that ‘who we are today, positive ...

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Positively Change Your Life: Four Simple Steps.

Four Simple Steps to Positively Change Your Life Alter your conditioning and change your habitual way of thinking and behaving   Let me begin by saying that the things we do repeatedly, will become a habit and eventually become who ...

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An Unholy War: Israel vs Palestine – Uma Guerra Não Sagrada

Uma Guerra Não Sagrada Os terrenos ocupados da Palestina e Israel são países tristes nos dias de hoje. Com o fracassado processo de paz que decorreu há vários meses, as mortes de três adolescentes Judeus e a imolação de um ...

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