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Cabo Verde Music Awards: 2015 nominees

33 artists, musicians, performers, songwriters and producers were nominated to the 5th edition of the Cabo Verde Music Awards, a total of 57 nominations in 19 categories.

cvma2015This is the balance of a long process that begins with the pre selection by regional committees and ends with the final selection of the main appointment committee.

This year, with a new regulation and new criteria for selection and voting, the nominees were nominated, based on the reality of the year in consideration (October 01, 2013 – November 31st, 2014).
An extended deadline that was proposed by the Regulation Review Committee and motivated by the lack of musical production during the contest period.

18 categories were considered for this edition. However, the nomination commission also added “Best Hip Hop” category which includes rap rhythms, and RnB.

2-cvma nominees

This increase relates to the finding that, production in this style musical had been considerable not only in terms of quantity but especially in quality.

The  category of “Music of the Year”  gave rise to the current category “Most Popular Song of the Year” which along with “Best Stage Performer”, “Best DJ”, and “Best New Artist” are voted on exclusively by the public.

Voting for the categories of “Best Media Personality” will be shared between the jury and the CVMA Media Partners and “Best Music Video” will be shared between the jury and the Media Partners of the audiovisual sector.

Tchale Figueira, one of the most prominent figures of the national fine arts, is the author of the CVMA ticket this year, thus becoming the 4th artist to lend his talent and his inspiration to the CVMA.


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