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All is fair in love and hip-hop

Love & Hip-Hop

love & hip hop- marcy depina
All is fair in love and hip-hop

but when does it all stop?

I’ve got love for hip hop but not the pop

no, I don’t want to pop that p*ssy for you

and you get no clues of what me and my man do!

what is the issue people?

when are we going to take a stand?

we’re not just hoes, hustlers, gold diggers and players

we’re so much more

truth slayers

not side chicks and ballers

this all makes me want to holla!

I wanna live like a queen with my king

not with some hypermasculine quasi swaggy male

that must prove his manhood by f*cking as many b*tches as he can

and then brag about it on Facebook and Instagram

No, no, no, that is not for me.

morals, high standards, and self respect

we are more than what they want us to be

so watch yourself and move with integrity

because we are playing ourselves

stunting like we’re paid with lux goods and fake body parts,

some of this hip-hop is no longer art

just the pushing of propaganda that’s destroying our smarts

invading our hearts and tearing us apart

selling our souls and bodies

just so we can look fabulous on social media and at parties

destroying our youth

we are forgetting our truth

erasing our culture and legacy of freedom

just so we can be slaves again

somehow the vision has been amended

but to teach to each is what rap intended


by Marcy DePina / marcydepina.tumblr.com



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