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#UnitedForFogo: a community effort for our brothers and sisters in Fogo.

#United ForFogoIn response to the Volcano Eruptions in Fogo Cabo Verde, which began in the early hours of Sunday November 23rd, 2014, a group of local Cabo Verdean-American community members met to brainstorm ideas on how to help.  The meeting took place on Monday November 24th at 7pm, when the situation was still not very clear and resources were limited.


#UnitedForFogo: Action plan was created and immediately put into effect in 3 separate phases.


Phase one consisted of a 3 day online fundraiser kicking off Tuesday November 25th at Noon, which, at the end, netted a total of  $15,058.56. All funds obtained by this action plan will be filtered through Our Children, Our Future, Inc. (OCOF) a local nonprofit organization.

100% of donated funds will be used in the relief efforts in Fogo, Cabo Verde.

Phase two was a 2-day drive for goods (clothes, shoes, food, hygiene products etc.) held in four different locations throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Once sorted and packed, the goods obtained in the drive will be shipped by boat on the next available date.


Phase 3 is a Jam Session with local bands, artists and DJs on Sunday December 7th from 4-9pm in Boston with a suggested donation of $25 per person.


Because OCOF is a nonprofit organization and holds a 501(c)3 status with the IRS these funds cannot be channeled through any governmental institution in Cabo Verde.  They must be handled by another non-profit organization in Cabo Verde.


At the moment, #UnitedForFogo is in the process of analyzing a few different ONGs in Fogo to decide which, whether one or more, will help in distributing and managing the funds.

At this time, $2,000 has already been made available (as of Monday November 24th) and is being handled by Dr. Ledo Pontes in Fogo to help alleviate some of the basic needs such as food and water.


#UnitedForFogo is a community effort by CaboVerdeans for our brothers and sisters in Fogo.  

In this emergent time of need, and given the wide spectrum in social networks, it is easy to fall into skepticism.  However, the bottom line is and will remain the same.  Fogo needs us today, tomorrow, in a month, in a year.

All help is welcomed.  Let’s not frown upon the many different fundraisers being held worldwide. Everyone has a different network, a different group of friends and supporters.  So let’s all reach out and help.  Donate goods, money or your time.  Say a prayer.  All is needed and welcomed!





(617)792-1081 – (508)326-7334 – (781)706-1908 -(401) 365-8180


Official paperwork, pictures and videos of completed phases are available upon request.


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