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Volcano erupts on Fogo island, Cabo Verde.

fogo-volcanoThe Volcano in Fogo erupts in Chã das Caldeiras 19 years after being virtually inactive. The volcanic activity happened in the same place that it aroused in 1995.

A small activity happened early in the morning, but intensified, with many crashes and earthquakes, around 10 am ejecting ash and lava from the same crater where the eruption occurred in 1995. According to the geophysicist Bruno Faria, this eruption is similar to 1951, which means that the risk may be higher than that of 19 years ago.

because of the risk of new activity is great in the residential area of Chã das Caldeiras, The INMG advises the immediate evacuation of the residents

The eruption was no surprise to the residents of Chã das Caldeiras. Earthquakes started around 20:00 Saturday.

Despite warnings, many inhabitants of Chã das Caldeiras remain in place. Some residents are on the roadsides,  some insist on saving animals and personal property, but there are also those who refuse to leave the area. Institutional and private cars are giving aid, especially to children and the elderly. It is estimated that over 1000 people live in Chã das Caldeiras.

A team of volunteers of the Red Cross is on their way to the location. The Civil Protection of Mosteiros was sent to assist in the evacuation of residents. Also already in the Praia Airport are elements of the National Civil Protection, ready to travel to the island of Fogo. About 30 agents are also advising residents and controlling the curious trying to get closer to the blast zone. The main road that leads to Chã das Caldeiras is blocked .

According to the National Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics, there were some abnormalities since the month of October. Some seismic activity happened again earlier in the week. It slowed down and earthquakes reactivated last night.



Erupção do Vulcão da Ilha do Fogo – Cabo Verde
O vídeo pode ser visto em HD. Imagem: Saulo Montrond GreenStudio 2014 Todos os direitos reservados.




video: Rádio Morabeza


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