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Angola marks 39th Anniversary of Its Independence

Luanda — On November 11, 2014, Angola marks its 39th anniversary of independence, after achieving it in 1975 from the Portuguese colonial regime.


The celebrations of the anniversary of independence will take place under the motto “United, let’s reinforce the ideas of freedom and social justice”.


The celebrations of this important date is considered a special moment for the Angolan history, marked by the consolidation of peace, reinforcement of the baselines of the national reconciliation and accelerated economic development, creating progress where there was destruction.


With growing economy and fascinating culture, Angola needs to show to the world how the past pain and suffering are evolving rapidly to joy and prosperity of its people.


The celebration of the 39 years of independence, as other commemorations, is an opportunity to honor those that helped to liberate and build Angola and to transmit to the younger generations a legacy of patriotism to the motherland.


The Ministry of Territory Administration drafted a vast program of political, cultural, sport and recreation activities, together with the inaugurations of several undertakings that will be held countrywide and in the Angolan embassies and consulates throughout the world.



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