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Tuesday, November 4th: Your voice and vote must be heard tomorrow.

Mary GwannTomorrow November 4th is an extremely important mid-term election. Your voice and vote must be heard tomorrow in order to change the direction that Rhode Island so desperately needs.  I am sending this information out to all of you to ensure that you are well prepared going to the polls tomorrow.


1. If you are unsure where to vote, please click the link below and type in the required information. Locations – https://vic.sos.ri.gov/vic/
2. Polls open as early as 7am and all close at 8pm. Be sure to get inside on time!
All Rhode Island voters will be asked to present an ID at the polls. It is imperative that you show your ID in order to vote. If you do not provide such information, you will only be allowed a provisional ballot. This means your vote will only be counted IF your voting information is verified, which could take a substantial amount of time. Please see below for the acceptable forms of ID’s:
– RI driver’s license
– U.S. passport
– ID card issued by an educational institution in the United States
– U.S. military ID card
– ID card issued by the U.S. government or State of RI such as a RIPTA bus pass
– Government issued medical card
– RI Voter ID
If you are looking for a ride to the polls, both the Democratic and Republican Parties offer free rides. To schedule a pick up, please call either number below. While they may ask whom are you voting for, you do have the right NOT to disclose such information.
Democratic Party – 401-272-DEMS (3367)
Republican Party – 401-732-8282
While many of us know who we are voting for tomorrow, not everyone knows about the ballot questions. Please be sure that you take a look at the WPRI link below so that you are aware of such questions on the REVERSE side of the ballot.
Ballot questions – http://wpri.com/campaign-2014-ri-ballot-questions/
May you have a great day and let’s make our voices heard tomorrow!
by Mary Gwann


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