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Joaquim Lopes DaSilva, “Djoka ShowMan” dies at age 55

On October 22nd 2014 at 12:40 am Joaquim Lopes DaSilva, “Djoka ShowMan” age 55, passed away at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence Rhode Island, USA due to a brain aneurysm.

Joaquim Lopes DaSilva “Djoka Show Man”

Joaquim Lopes DaSilva “Djoka Show Man”

Djoka was born in Assomada, Santa Catarina, Cabo Verde and immigrated to Portugal at the age of 14. After 7 years he then moved to the United States where he began promoting cultural events including musical concerts and his famous “Matança di Porco.” Djoka also owned several businesses including “Main St Meat Market” in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, “African American Restaurant” in Praia, Cabo Verde and “Door Step Fish Market” delivering fish to homes in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts.


He is survived by his children Jeene, Jaquelina, Crisitna and Jack Jr. and two grandchildren. He was the son of the late Antonio Lopes DaMoura and Alice “Niza” DaSilva Gonçalves and brother to Maria Da Ressurreiçao, Luis Lopes, Ana Tavares, Ernestina DaMoura- Moreira, Maria Do Carmo DaMoura, Jose DaMoura, Nelida DaMoura, Sandra DaMoura, Maria Dos Santos the late Antonio and Nelson DaMoura.


The memorial service will be held on Thursday October 23rd at Saint Michael Catholic Church, 239 Oxford St Providence, R.I  at 11:00am.




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