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10 effective actions to positively change your mindset.


don-xavier-BOOST-YOUR-MINDSET As humans, we’re all born with a mind that can be developed overtime. That development is dependent on many factors such as our upbringing, environment, education, associations etc. I always say, that ‘who we are today, positive or negative, bad or good, may not necessarily be who we truly are or who we can potentially be’.  Who we are today is a residual of our past conditioning, thoughts and actions. What is important to understand, is that positive thinking will produce a positive attitude, and a positive attitude leads to positive results. A positive mindset will also make things in life easier and even enjoyable. A positive mindset will help you realize things that you may never have thought were possible. Thinking positive will build an imaginary wall which blocks obstacles – the things you see the minute you take your eyes off of your goals and objectives.

By possessing a positive mindset, you will face the world and every challenge more easily and wisely, and you will also be more motivated and determined to achieve your ultimate desired success.

A positive mindset provides you with a healthier way of thinking that produces harmony and great results, and is linked to a thinking process that is directly aligned with successful achievements. A positive mindset is an educated way of thinking that focuses on opportunities and goodness, as opposed to adversity and inabilities.

The reality of it all is that positive mindset + positive action = positive results.

Possessing a positive mindset may be simpler than you think. First, decide and believe that you want to possess a positive mindset, and then you must alter your conditioning and change your habitual way of thinking and behaving!

Develop a personal mission to make positive and rewarding differences in the lives of others. With that mindset you will be on your way to capitalizing on opportunities and achieving exactly what you want out of life.

Personal growth and development is the key to achieving your goals. In life, to be successful, you must have a deep burning desire to change your mindset and decide on becoming a successful human being, mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Let me share with you 10 effective actions to positively change your mindset.

10 effective actions to positively change your mindset:


  1. Develop a high-level of self confidence & be future focused
  2. Think positive and act positive
  3. Unleash your enthusiastic magnetism to everyone you meet
  4. Be a relationship builder
  5. Don’t judge and always see the positive in others
  6. Be honest, possess integrity, have initiative & be innovative
  7. Focus on creating opportunities for others
  8. Possess habitual generosity and habitual kindness
  9. Make everyday a rewarding day for you and those around you
  10. Be the change you want to see in others


Believe that with a positive mindset you can create your own positive desired future. Your actions today will determine your outcome tomorrow. You possess greatness in you and there are no limits as to how much you can accomplish with your renewed positive mindset. Choose positive thinking and positive actions to fuel your life.

Think positive, behave positive, be positive and always know that you will achieve whatever you strive for with every single positive action. My wish is that you embrace life and never lose your drive and passion!
Until the next time we meet, thank you for reading and taking action and “May the passion you possess become your reality”!


By: Don Xavier


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