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VIDEO: Africa…Demand honest accounts from our leaders

Honest Accounts? The true story of Africa’s billion dollar losses



Africa-cover-small2Poverty and poor health are not accidents. They are the result of political, social and economic decisions.

Whilst the UK and other rich countries give aid to the Global South, this alone will not end poverty. Action is needed to tackle poverty’s root causes, to dismantle the structures and systems that keep people poor, and to hold those responsible to account.

The systems and structures which sustain poverty are both the cause and the consequence of global power inequalities. We live in a world in which wealth and power is concentrated in the hands of a privileged few. This means that those at the top prosper. They can shape policies and practices that suit them. Meanwhile others struggle.

Health Poverty Action campaigns to break this vicious cycle through actions to address the root causes of poverty and tackle inequality.

Take action

Health Poverty ActionAfrica is being drained of resources by the rest of the world. It is losing far more each year than it is gaining. While $134 billion flows into the continent each year, predominantly in loans, foreign investment and aid, $192 billion is taken out, mainly in profits made by foreign companies, tax evasion and the costs of adapting to climate change.

Wealthy countries, including the UK, benefit from many of Africa’s losses. Yet, we are led to believe that ‘aid’ from Britain and other rich countries to the continent is a mark of our generosity. This is a deception

It’s time our political leaders gave us an honest account. Email them today and demand they tell the truth about the world’s relationship with Africa.

Not in the UK? Sign the global petition calling on the G20 to take action on the real causes of poverty.

Watch our video to learn more and share using #honestaccounts

For more information visit:  http://healthpovertyaction.org/campaigns





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