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Positively Change Your Life: Four Simple Steps.

Dan Xavier

Don Xavier

Four Simple Steps to Positively Change Your Life

Alter your conditioning and change your habitual way of thinking and behaving


Let me begin by saying that the things we do repeatedly, will become a habit and eventually become who we are.
I often get approached and receive messages from people who are going through challenges in their lives. Challenges such as marriage, money, relationships, depression, toxic environment, family, no work, etc. People who want to make a positive change but don’t know where and how to begin.

I believe that most of these people may have positivity within, simply because they have realized that they are faced with challenges, and want to do something about it.

At this point, is important to understand that in life, from time to time we may find ourselves devastated by unforeseen circumstances such as losing a job, a relationship break-up, a sudden illness, a disability or the death of someone that may leave us heartbroken and in distress.

It is also important to understand that everything in life happens for a reason (good or bad) even though we may never clearly understand it. We must always have faith and believe in the positive. It is in times like this that we need to find positive individuals who will encourage and support us with a high-level of enthusiasm and positive energy.

If you find yourself in this position, it’s time to take inventory of your surroundings (the people you’re associating yourself with the most on a daily basis), and decide if each and every one of them are enriching your quality of life or taking away from it.

Avoid toxic people and environments at all cost, as this can only lead to further devastation in your life.


Should you happen to be one of those people who don’t know where to start making positive changes, here are four simple steps which when applied, can positively enhance and change your life in order to begin living life on your own terms.



You must clearly identify and understand what your challenges are. Pick the biggest challenge and identify what or who is causing it. Understand and identify on the actions you must take for at least 30 days in order to overcome this challenge and begin to take action towards change.

Keep in mind that habit formation is the process of new continuous behaviors. Old habits are hard to break and new habits are hard to form because the behavioural patterns we repeat are imprinted in our neural pathways. It is very possible to form new habits through repetition.

Have the faith and courage to break all bad habits and create new great habits and positively change your life because you have the seed of greatness in you and you’re unstoppable.


Example: If you’re the kind of individual who responds to “How are you?” with, “Not bad” – try responding with “SUPER-AWESOME” for 30 days and you will see that you will begin to live happier and feel super-awesome.



This step can be one of the most important ones out of the four. Begin by writing down the top 10 people you associate with and understand what impact they have on your life. Our environment plays a significant role in our successes and/or failures. Therefore, choosing the right environment could easily be the difference between failing and succeeding in life.

Most people are not aware that the way they live, their level of income and their level of happiness right now are directly related to the people they choose to surround themselves with on a regular basis.

The truth of the matter is, your environment has a direct impact on your level of success and failure both for you and your family. When your environment is good and positive, your quality of life is better, and in return it tends to rub off on those around you like your family, your colleagues, your neighbors and the people you meet. Like attracts like, therefore, when you are a happy and a positive person, you will attract other happy and positive people.

On the other hand, if you’re in a toxic environment, you need to be cautious, because a toxic environment can literally suck your life away. People in toxic environments rarely realize that they are in a poisonous setting, simply because this kind of environment is usually careless and addictive to those that allow it to be. If you don’t come out of it fast enough, it can be devastating for you and those around you. You decide on whom you want in your life.


Example: Test this theory. Invite two people that you know (one negative and one positive) to spend some quality time with you, doing something you or they enjoy doing the most. You will quickly realize that the positive individual can always see the invisible, can feel the intangible, can create opportunities, is driven to achieve the impossible, believes in positive outcomes, has a high-level of Integrity, is courageous, confident, determined, driven, focused, has strong faith and believes in habitual generosity.

On the other hand, the negative individual will see difficulty in every situation and opportunity, make excuses instead of taking action, wait around for opportunities to come knocking, possess negative thoughts and actions, love correcting and criticizing others, play the victim and lack responsibility, will be selfish, will pretend to know-it-all, will be ungrateful and dislike positive thinkers.
You can choose who you want as part of you environment.



Be future-focused and create personal history every single day. Make every day extremely rewarding for you and those around you!

In this step I encourage you to reinvent yourself by attracting more positive into your life. Begin to feed your mind with positive information by reading self-help books, listening to positive CDs, change your vocabulary by using strong positive words, join a gym or simply start jogging, go to the theater, play golf, don’t watch corruptive television shows, get a new look and begin to have more fun in your life.


Example: Set a new goal for yourself, something you’ll enjoy and have fun doing in order to enhance your quality of life and identify the actions you will need to take in order to achieve it. Dedicate one hour of your day feeding your mind with positive information by reading self-help books, listening to positive CDs or watching motivational videos that will help you maximize your actions towards your goal. Do this for thirty days straight and you will see your life positively transform.


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It’s your time right now! More then ever, step up your self-confidence. In my own words, self-confidence means being the very best you can be through self-satisfaction, which comes from the feeling of confidence, legitimacy, independence, realization and a feeling of conviction that you are in complete control of your own future. It is the personal power and energy that you possess within the inner you, from accomplishment and assisting others to accomplish. Condition your mind with a “yesI’m able”, “yes I want” and “yesI can” attitude. Have faith, believe in yourself and your capabilities. Believe in others and make it your number one priority to transmit a continuous, high-level of enthusiasm and positive energy on to others! Create an imaginary blocker for negativity and only feed your mind with positivity. If negativity ever tries to overpower your mind, keep the faith and strongly reject it repeatedly with a smile and you will see that positivity will take over once again! I believe that your self-confidence should be flying through the roof right now!


Example: In this example, I will simply say that you become what you think about and act upon. Your actions today will determine your outcome in the future. Therefore, make sure that your actions are inline with your desired outcome. Remember, success is a state of mind and action. Repetition is the mother of learning, therefore if you follow the suggested steps for at least 30 days non-stop, it will become your habits, and your habits become you!


God bless and best wishes!


by Don Xavier

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