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Wayne Barboza: We who watch the Gods are crazy, right?

wayne barbosaWe who watch the Gods are crazy, right?

Anyone who reads this article is going to be very surprised that I’m even real. I can be seen, touched and even photographed. I’m unreachable, like a ghost, I will appear then disappear. That haunts the minds of our leaders and rulers. But I always leave a profound message to those who have the courage to open their eyes and awaken from asleep.

My name is Wayne Ibn Musa Barboza. I’m the Great-Granddaddy of the Barboza Creole tribe of North America, father to seven sons and 6 daughters, a Warrior Monk and Veteran of both Foreign and Domestic wars; past and present, seen and unseen.

As a young soldier in the U.S. Army, I was exposed to guided Missile school at Ft. Bliss Texas on the border of Mexico and was made to hold a life long secrets status; a top-secret clearance and an order I refused to comply with.

If I was a good little soldier, and did what I was trained to do, I would be successful and comfortable for the rest of my life. What I learned was so shocking; it traumatized me to run away. Alone!  At 18 years old, on a secret guided missile base site in Germany, not being of a “Noble” bloodline, Fraternal order or Military Government Intelligence, where was I to go?  

I am “uneducated”, but I am a naturally gifted soul that has paid the price of intuitively knowing truths and secrets before they are revealed to others. I have the curse of experience that eminently qualifies me to be teacher to and for the poor, who help the poor, who help the poorest.

A people who have a “Manifest Destiny” who remember the sins of our fathers and forgive the mistakes of our Mothers might survive the historical changes that are taking place in plain sight.

My lifelong mission is to present solutions and ideas in the re-education and recovery of my people; the human family of the planet earth. At times, doing so offends people in positions to help stop hunger worldwide. He who controls the food controls the world.”

Of course you may believe what you want and you will. I will provide “LIE DETECTOR PROOF ” and documentation of every word I write. As well as maintain the open invitation to all errors and correction to this powerful Resurrection of our people and culture. This is my story, which I will put in a collective forum, If God willing.

From cradle to grave, the people have been educated into a false embedded memory of written history, most of which the rulers have re-designed and re-packaged to sell back to the people they rule over, generation after generation.

Each time anyone tries to reveal secrets, they become targeted individuals. So, before this platform, I go on the record as to who I am and what information I have to offer, before it is also a closed resource. With permission of “Loved ones” I have already posted information on Youtube, Google and other social networks worldwide!

On Jan.1st.2008 I launched the website www.capeverdean.net as a portal (a gathering place of focus) As Y2K and 9/11 distracted the world from the importance of the oncoming events; the Internet became a new tool. Over the past few years, bits and pieces of the sacred labor germinates and is regurgitated to the new human family that will make the difference.

The question and challenge is if any body cares enough to listen to “We who watch the gods”: Who help the Poor, who help the poor, help the poorest. Will you sacrifice one minute to look up a “keyword” that may stop billions of people from starving to death? The keyword is AQUAPONICS.

Not one person in this world has to go to bed hungry, or die of ignorance. So says I, the Elder of the Barboza Tribe.

By Wayne Ibn Musa Barboza



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