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YES, YES, YES: The first solution to every problem begins with knowing exactly what the problem is.

Dan Xavier

Dan Xavier



The first solution to every problem begins with knowing exactly what the problem is.

The difficulty with the majority of people is, they know and feel that they have a problem; however they have difficulty identifying precisely what their problem is.

It’s important to understand that the problem may not only be one specific thing; it may be a combination of many things, which is resulting into a weak personal foundation.

For example if your career is in sales, you must understand that the sales cycles is a complete cycle comprising of Prospecting, Pre-approach & Approach, Fact Finding, Designing the Solution, Presentation, Closing, Follow Through, Delivery and the Service. The sales cycles are a series of inter-related activities all of which are important when in sales.

In almost any other business your success could be blocked by the lack on marketing yourself, your business or your differentiating factor. For example, if you know how to prospect really well and you’re having trouble closing the sales, then it’s easy to identify that your challenge is lack of closing ability. However, for the fact that you can’t close, maybe your presentation skills may be lacking.

Just like the sales cycles, the success blocker is also a series of inter-related principles, which plays important roles in achieving the levels of success you can achieve in your life and business.

It’s critical that you focus on these inter-related principles that may be getting in your way of success. When you understand how to remove those blockers it will make it much easier to achieve victory in your business.

Now, I must say that if you’re expecting that you will remove your success blocker by just reading this article; you’re setting yourself up for disappointment for the reason that this article will only be effective when you use the ideas to change the way you have been thinking and by taking actions towards the simple but yet effective ways to become a more stronger individual.

I’m convinced that the number one reason your success is blocked is due to lack of focus on specific actions necessary to remove the blocker and focusing on taking actions.

Don Xavier 3As humans, we only act when we feel some kind of tension and there are two types of tension; internal tension and external tension.

In sales, you want to create strong internal tension in your prospects in order to trigger a compelling reason to buy for the fact that what really makes people buy is the science of persuasion.

The real key is finding out the person’s values and wants, then change what they associate themselves with and what motivates them to make a purchase, as having it will create pleasure and not having it will create pain. Their desire to avoid pain or gain pleasure, are their forces of motivation.

You must disturb your prospects by building tremendous want, and motivate them with an emotional reason to buy your product or service right away.

Now that you understand that, it’s important to understand that you will need to utilize the same process on yourself to remove your success blockers.

You don’t act upon the blocker because you simply believe that by acting on the blocker it will create you pain, therefore your must understand that the blockers are not real, they are not tangible, they can’t hurt or kill you, they are simply in your mind.


Therefore if they can’t hurt or kill you, and they are simply in your mind, remove all the negativity out of your life and replace them with positivity!

The main five (5) blockers are:

  1. Fear – False evidence appearing real

  2. Inner Conflicts – Personal war within oneself

  3. Limited Beliefs – Simply a filter of one’s reality

  4. Toxic environment – Success deciding factor

  5. Procrastination – Contaminator of one’s success


Removing your success blockers completely is about you deciding to change the way you think and behave. It’s about stopping on being a whiner and becoming a “do-er”. Remind yourself that the five (5) main success blockers are the controlling force in your behavior and it is associated with pain and pleasure.

Therefore, know that the blockers are what are keeping you away from capitalizing on opportunities in order to get exactly what you want out of life and business.

Your future is unlimited right now; you have the power to change your personal history by taking risk, grow and achieve your goal!


Are you prepared to positively change your life? Do you crave enjoying life on your own terms? Do you want more freedom in your life and the lives of your family? If the answer is yes to all of the questions, then, know that you can make it all happen with commitment, determination and passion to remove your success blockers and make your dreams a reality!


by Don Xavier

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