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How do we remove fear and move on with our lives.

Dan Xavier

Dan Xavier


Believe it or not…fear sabotages success. Everyone has their own fears; some people have fear of needles, spiders, snakes, darkness, heights, flying, rejections, public speaking, and the list goes on. Even though fear is caused by our own imagination, for some fear may seem real, in reality its harmless to you.

The question is how can we really tell if the danger is actually a reality or imagination. Essentially the real question is how do we remove fear and move on with our lives.

What is fear to you? I’m sure that when we look up the word fear, in the dictionary or on the internet, there will be a definition or two with many examples. In over two decades, I have worked with people who have given me different definitions of how they see and feel fear. I have actually seen people freeze and cry on stage due to fear. I will begin to tell you how I see fear and then tell you how I believe we can overcome fear.

In my business, I have found that fear is the most destructive element in our minds because it places unrelenting refusal feelings in our minds and hearts. Ultimately, it causes one to sabotage their own success.

Fear is when you feel this tight knot in your stomach that feels as if you’re going to throw up and your heart feels frozen as if everyone is going to reject you and what you stand for. Fear drives you to feel as if you have the inability to do or try to do anything because the consequences of failure may be too high for you to bear.

Fear can partially keep you prisoner in your own life. If you don’t overcome your fear, you may get sentenced for life instead of fighting to get out and experience a world of virtually boundless possibilities and fulfillment.

Fear is when we hear those dreadful voices in our head saying – no – don’t do it – you’re not good enough – it’s dangerous – it’s painful – they will reject you – they will object and simply say no repeatedly to you.

Fear is when your only focus is to dream up thousands of reasons why you can’t and shouldn’t do what you want and need to do; and you will do anything to avoid finding even one compelling reason you should do what you want to do.

Fear and procrastination walk hand and hand. Fear tells you to wait until later and procrastination says great; if you listen to procrastination you will be waiting around for courage and confidence for a long time and the longer you wait the more fear you build in your mind and heart.

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So how do we overcome fear

The first question you need ask yourself when you have fear is, can fear actually harm you in any way?  If fear can’t hurt you, then, there is nothing to be afraid of. Just forget fear and move on with your life with confidence.

The second question is, ask yourself how fear has helped you in the past and if having fear hasn’t helped in the past then forget fear and move on.

The third question is, what opportunities are you missing from having fear? Chances are your are missing on a world of opportunities.

The fourth question is, what will I gain if I can completely get rid of fear? You will absolutely gain your freedom, more success , and the ability to take full control of your destiny.

Identify and describe your fears, conditions your mind and confront your fear face to face. Fear is all in your mind. You have complete control of the way you think and because you can consciously only thing about one thing at the time you should only allow fearless and positive thoughts to flow into your mind. Don’t allow fear to enter your mind and when fear fights to enter your mind, fight it, make it stop and only allow positive thinking into your mind.

This is no different from when you can’t sleep because you have a lot in your mind. When I can’t sleep because I have a lot on my mind, I start counting backwards from 100 down to 1. If the first time around doesn’t work, I repeat it until I fall asleep. The greatest mistake in life is to be in constant fear of fear! Don’t allow fear to keep you hostage.


Another way to conquer fear is to become completely curious about what you fear. Curiosity is full of enthusiasm and anticipation. Rather than fear, it will open your mind to focus on many exiting experiences .


You want to get rid of fear? Clearly understand your fear, write it down (exactly what your fear is), then ask yourself how much is this fear costing you and how much will you invest to make the fear go away.

Then you decide, is it worth investing 31 days of your valuable life conditioning your mind that fear doesn’t live there and is never coming back.

There are a large percentage of people who are not living their dreams simply because they are living their fears.

Fear can take over your body, your mind and your emotions like a disease. To take back your life and live your dreams, identify the source of your  fear, learn all the facts of the fear, clearly understand the negative effects this fear is posing on your life, and make a physical, mental and emotional decision to stop this fear once and for all.

I recommend you to condition your mind to confront your fears head on and be fearless, be true to yourself, be focused, build confidence and have faith, passion, desire, and determination to be the very best you can be. You’re unstoppable!©

by Don Xavier

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