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Mike Costa: The time I went to Cape Verde with my father [Part 2]

The time I went to Cape Verde with my father Part 2

Mike Costa Proud to be Cape Verdean…As my father and I walked through town with Senhor Cruz, you could see the respect everyone had for this man. It was like being with a politician or a celebrity. He introduced us to everybody from the cab driver to the mayor. After a few hours of hand shaking and cheek kissing, we felt like we were related to half the island. My father did manage to find a long lost Aunt who he had never met or even knew she was alive.
On the flight over from Boston, we met a distinguished gentleman who invited us to look him up once we got to São Vicente. We took him up on his offer and he and his wife took us to a beautiful restaurant that overlooked the ocean. He ordered us lobster, chicken, steak – practically everything on the menu. The rest of the night was a blur. After our meal of meals, our host took us to at least a dozen establishments. We had a wonderful time. If you’ve ever heard that São Vicente is a town that never sleeps, you better believe it. Our host had every intention of proving it to us. This was the night I learned that scotch was the drink of choice for the island. What a lesson it was.
As the sun started peeking over the mountains at 5am introducing a new day, my father and I were dropped off at our hotel. We stumbled up to our room and that was it – lights out. The next morning, naturally things were a bit foggy. We had plans to go to the beach with some relatives that day. It was the perfect hideout for our hangovers and bloodshot eyes. As the day progressed on the beach we slept, we ate, and we watched the kids play. When our heads were just beginning to clear up, we run into none other than our host from the night before. We had no choice but to hang out with him. We had a great time, but it was tough. This guy was the heavy weight champ of hanging out.
At the end of our week in Cape Verde, it was very emotional for my father because he knew that he would probably never see Pedro Cruz again. We did however forge a lifelong bond with our Cape Verdean family that holds till this day. My father returned several times since and even went to the place where his parents were born on Santo Antão.
I hope to get back to Cape Verde soon and bring my family with me. The world has become a smaller place and with the advent of Facebook, email, cell phones, Skype and a number of other universal ways of instant communication there’s no reason not to connect with our relatives in Cape Verde on a regular basis.


by Mike Costa

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