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Ingrid Monteiro, one of the most beloved women in our community, diagnosed with cancer.

ingrid monteiroRewrite Ingrid’s Song:

On behalf of one of the most beloved women in our community, Ingrid Monteiro, I have been asked to share some sensitive personal information.

A few months ago, Ingrid was diagnosed with cancer. Subsequent evaluations have shown that Ingrid’s thyroid, lymph nodes, and likely her vocal cord, have been adversely affected, Ingrid feels fortunate that her cancer gave her an alarm call in the form of ‘hoarseness’ which was impacting her beautiful singing voice. Otherwise, how might she have known? She immediately sought medical attention, and was informed of the unexpected. Nonetheless, Ingrid, as one would expect, put her best foot forward, and for the past several months, has fought bravely and silently past her hoarseness, the fear of the unknown, and concerns for her daughter’s future.

The reason I’m sharing this with all of you now is, because as Ingrid has always been there for everyone in her community, it is time for her community to be there for Ingrid. She’s attended at least one of your family birthday parties, she’s cried at too many funerals, and she’s belted out some of the most beautiful notes at a concert or two you’ve attended. Despite her diagnosis of cancer and the daunting surgeries and radiation treatments she now faces, we must re-write Ingrid’s song. We must support her in prayer, and ask that the great mighty Jesus spread His healing hands over Ingrid and restores her health, lend that extra support she will need, and be that shoulder to cry on when she calls. Sometimes a simple “hey” goes a long way. Remember, the battle ahead now belongs to all of us collectively, Ingrid, Ingrid’s family, friends and community.

Many individuals and groups have reached out to offer support one way or the other, and as you can imagine, this is greatly appreciated by Ingrid and her family. We have also invited others to join us in this effort, and will be providing information shortly on how people can provide additional support. Ingrid is very blessed to be loved by so many.!

Thank you all in advance, as it’s always times like this that we see the greatness in humanity.

Warm Regards,
Her Loving Team


A message from Jambaby Prods-Isis
Friends, Family and Community,

We are getting an AMAZING outpouring of support on behalf of Ingrid PageTwo Monteiro Ingrid PageOne Monteiro. So far, we as a community of promoters, business owners, musicians and artists, friends, family, and community members have all come together to commit to her cause. CRIOLAS CONTRA CANCER has agreed to spearhead the initiative, and we are working diligently to organize a meeting and the fundraising event in order to provide information to the public as soon as possible. In the meantime, we understand that people are anxious to provide support in the form of volunteer time and donations, In an effort to keep things organized though, please direct questions about the upcoming event and donations/auctions to Ani Lobo (MA), one of the founders of Criolas Contra Cancer, or Auta Monteiro , community advocate (RI/CT).

A Facebook Page, The BIDS FOR BESTIES,  is now holding auctions in an effort to raise funds to help Ingrid.

We are thrilled to see so many people come forward, as women like Ingrid, among the many other women and men facing these personal battles, have really inspired many.
Thank you

Friday, 13 December 2013 6:01 pm


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Thursday, 12 December 2013 9:57 am

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