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Mike Costa’s new column, “Proud to be Cape Verdean”, is coming to NobidadeTV.com

PROUD TO BE CAPE VERDEAN, a new column by Mike Costa, is coming soon to NobidadeTV.com


Mike Costa

“If we don’t tell our story, who will?”

Hello, my name is Mike Costa. I am a writer from California and I am Proud to be Cape Verdean.  When the editors of NobidadeTV.com approached me to do this column I thought this would be a great opportunity for the California Cape Verdeans to further connect with the Cape Verdean Diaspora. California Cape Verdeans are not that much different than their global counterparts.  From Sacramento to San Diego, the People and Organizations pride themselves with their involvement and preservation of our culture.

We are separated by miles, not by spirit. The common ground we share is very special. Our traditions, customs and beliefs connect us like a quilt — Every patch is a little different but similar.

The “Proud to be Cape Verdean” column will mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  My wish that this outlet will allow us to positively engage other Cape Verdeans around the world and continue to share our rich legacy as only Cape Verdeans can.

Mike Costa


Watch the trailer to Mike Costa’s documentary film “Proud to be Cape Verdean”.

A Look at Cape Verdeans in the Golden State. Mike Costa’s new film about the Cape Verdean Community in California featuring music by The Mendes Brothers and narration by Michael Beach.


For more information, visit www.proudtobecapeverdean.com .



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