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Moises Rodrigues, a Capeverdean-American, comes in third out of 15 candidates for Brockton City councilors-at-large.

moises rodriguesBROCKTON —On Nov. 5, the city will elect two new councilors-at-large and it is anybody’s guess as to who may fill the seats.

On Tuesday night, city voters chose eight candidates out of a field of 15, with the top two vote-getters, incumbent Councilors Robert Sullivan and Jass Stewart, getting more than 2,000 votes more than their nearest rivals.

The next six candidates are clumped together, garnering a high of 1,828 votes and a low of 1,081.

In addition to Sullivan and Stewart, Tuesday’s winners were Moises Rodrigues, Craig O. Pina, Shaynah Marie Barnes, Paul L. Beckner, James Daley, Anthony J. Donegan and Patrick R. Quinn.

“This is an important election, and I hope the voters turn out,” said Sullivan, who spent part of Tuesday thanking campaign volunteers.

At the Hancock Elementary School, Sullivan said he was proud of the campaign he had run.

Councilor-at-large Stewart saw the large group of candidates in his race as a positive said the more people involved in the process the better.

“I think it’s great when people put on their walking shoes and get out of the comfort zone and explain why they are the best candidate to move the city forward,” Stewart said.

“We hit over a thousand doors in this campaign,” said Stewart, who added that he had never seen the field so crowded.

Third-place finisher Rodrigues, the acting director of the Cape Verdean Association, spent four years as director of communications and community services for former Mayor James Harrington. Rodrigues has also been involved in the Cape Verdean Association for nearly 30 years.

The other Cape Verdean councilor-at-large candidate was Nicholas Fernandes, who did not make the final cut. The city has yet to see a Cape Verdean elected to the council.

Pina, who came in fourth, said the campaigning has been memorable.

“It’s been a great experience no matter who wins. I just hope that those elected can translate their ideas into action,” Pina said Tuesday night from the Tamboo restaurant and lounge while waiting for election returns.

The two longtime incumbents who stepped down – Todd Petti and Thomas Brophy – were perennial top vote-getters at the polls. Both announced in May that they would not seek re-election.

The top eight vote-getters in Tuesday’s preliminary election move on to the final election on Nov. 5.

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Results – City Coucilor At-Large:
1 – Robert Sullivan – 4.320 (18.97%)
2 – Jass Stewart – 3.848 (16.90%)
3 – Moisés Rodrigues – 1.828 (8.03%)
4 – Graing O. Pina -1.578 (6.93%)
5 – Shaynah Marie Barnes – 1.505 (6.61%)
6 – Paul L. Beckener – 1.264 (5.55%)
7 – James Daley – 1.235 (5.42%)
8 – Anthony J Donegan, Jr – 1.161 (5.10%)
9 – Patrick Quin – 1081 (4.75%)
10 – Steven P. Foot – 934 (4.10%)
11 – Nicholas Fernandes – 932 (4.09)


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