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O da Mundança Climática e Saúde Comunitária

A Nobidade TV tem o orgulho de anunciar o lançamento da Mundança Climática e Saúde Comunitária


Nobidade TV announces release of “Climate Change and Community Health, sponsored by the Rhode Island Department of Health Climate Change Program, with storytelling by scientists and statewide leaders on local concerns, effects on health, economy, tourism, etc., and what we can do now to prepare for our stormy future!


Providence, RI:   Nobidade TV announced today the release of a new documentary style program on climate change airing on the Internet and social media.  “Climate Change ­and Community Health” features in-depth interviews in two languages with Ana Novais, Executive Director of RI Department of Health, Alicia Lehrer, Environmental Scientist and Executive Director of Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council and Robert Billington, President of Blackstone Valley Tourism Council.  The program is presented in three parts exploring what is climate change, climate change and public health, and preparing for the future.  With engaging visual aids, three narrators tell what turns out to be essentially the same story—Rhode Island’s story.  Passionate contributors who know their stuff offer much to audiences even if they only speak one or the other language.


“It’s true that our primary audience is Cape Verdean Rhode Islanders,” explains Rebekah Greenwald who produced and directed the program, “but all viewers will appreciate how we bring the science into clearer view, focus on considerations of those most impacted, and storytelling about our local neighborhoods, waterways and cityscapes.”


“It’s widely known that the effects of climate change are more dire if you are from a vulnerable population,” adds Luis Lopes, Executive Director of the non-profit media outlet Nobidade TV and Executive Producer of the newly released production. “Rhode Island is home to the second largest number of Cape Verdeans living in any of the United States, which constitutes the highest percentage rate,” Lopes continues.  “We are very proud to work with Department of Health and to be able to expand the reach of this important issue deeper in our community.”


From the program, audiences will learn Rhode Island is situated is in the part of the country seeing the most dramatic increase in “very heavy precipitation” over the last three decades, up 71% over 37% in the Midwest, leading to increasing incidents of flooding.  Rhode Island state and community agencies are preparing for new weather, rising sea levels, air pollution, threats to water quality, and a myriad of other climate related concerns.  Now they want all Rhode Islanders to know exactly where to turn when seas get rough and rivers run over.


As one interviewee, Bob Billington, puts it, “The climate has changed, I’m not sure we can unring the bell, it’s rung, the horse is out of the barn, whatever metaphor you want to use… and I’m hoping with good science and good technology, and teaching people, educating, getting some more engineers out there, that we’ll do a better job… We didn’t wake up early enough to get in front of the curve, if you will, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work like heck to do a better job.”


Get inspired, learn how to do a better job as Bob says, join the efforts of truly admirable organizations and make a difference – tune to https://www.facebook.com/NobidadeTV/videos/2139977342987924/ , www.nobidadetv.com, or your local RI Statewide Interconnect channel per the information below.


NobidadeTV is the longest-running Cape Verdean (CV) television program in the US, started in Rhode Island (RI) in 1988. Nobidade’s mission is to educate the public within the communities of Southern New England and beyond, via the Internet at www.nobidadetv.com and public access television and radio in partnership with local stations. Nobidade’s objective is to inform and promote CV language and culture through artistic expression, current events and cultural pluralism.


Recognizing that RI’s CV communities are heavily concentrated in urban neighborhoods often designated as Environmental Justice, Health Equity and Food Desert arenas, Nobidade has upped efforts to spotlight critical health and social concerns that profoundly affect daily life and outcomes.


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