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Rhode Island Juventude Social Club seeks support for soccer team.

The president of Juventude Social Club, Tiago Monteiro, announces a fundraising campaign to assist the Juventude soccer team with travel expenses to participate in a tournament in Cabo Verde in April 2017.  The following letter is from the club’s gofundme.com page.

To whom it may concern:
Soccer Tournament, Cabo Verde, April 15, 2017Dear Friends and Supporters,
The Rhode Island Juventude Social Club is a non-profit organization established in 2001 by members of the local Cape Verdean Community of Rhode Island.  Our mission is to build an organization capable of developing strong community relationships with our soccer team(s). Currently, we have one team comprised mostly o young Cape Verdeans from the local Providence community and a few from outside of providence.The purpose of this letter is to inform you that we have been honored by our Cape Verdean counterparts with an invitation to participate in a major tournament in Cabo Verde in April 2017. As such, we are currently looking for sponsors to help defray some of our travel costs, including the air fare for our players and coaches to and from Cape Verde.At this time, we are seeking assistance and guidance from you.  Would you please consider making a small donation so all of our players would be able to attend this tournament? Our delegation is comprised of about twenty- five people including the coaches and players. Our travel plans would be to leave on/about April 15, 2017, and return on/about May 2, 2017.

We would like to take this time to thank you in advance for your help and consideration. We are greatly appreciated for your kind harted donations. Thank Youand Help spread the word!

Tiago Monteiro, President

Rhode Island Juventude Social Club
245 ESTEN Ave. Pawtucket, RI 20860
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