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A 15 year old child’s life was taken…it keeps hitting closer to home.

Michaeel Jo Santos

Michaeel Jo Santos

[New Bedford, MA] Tonight was indeed a very sad one. As I walked out of my friend’s house across the street towards United Front Homes I notice Rose’s family and friends congregating in mourning as today was the day they said their final good bye. I then look to the left and see bright lights, crime scene tape, blue flashing lights and many on lookers. A 15 year old child’s life was taken about a half hour earlier. As I walked through I learned that the victim belongs to a childhood friend of mine.


Too many thoughts were racing as I reminisced about my brother seeing him for the last time before telling me he was hit and going into a convulsion. Standing 10 feet from where my family lost DJ I thought of all the lives lost since that day just within a two block radius. Sadly tonight another name is added to that list and I found myself hugging a crying man on the same block where 22 years ago I was a crying man being hugged.

As I watched his mom in a state of shock I had a flashback of my mom staring at one spot not even being able to cry until later, when reality struck. My mind is still racing…. I know all too well what that whole family is going to experience. Another part of our community has been broken tonight and as you know it is serious, I really need you to know how serious of a state we’re really in. Tonight a life was lost, futures were ruined, many families were broken and the ripple effect will touch many.
Our community has been, for many decades, dealing with too much trauma and for many it just keeps hitting closer and closer to home. As we all know violence begets violence which causes trauma and trauma manifests into different forms of social ills.

15 year old killed2No one has all the answers but what I do know is we have to start somewhere. A good place where we can’t go wrong is with love, a smile, a warm gesture and a kind act. Those who feel broken because they lost a loved one should know that their lost loved one wouldn’t want to see you broken. They would want to see your strength shine and you do that knowing that your actions will reflect their memory, knowing your strength is preserved through forgiveness and the knowledge that forgiveness is for your well-being, not the violator’s. How better to preserve a memory than with love towards others, turning your trauma into strength, pain into power and utilizing that to have your loved one smiling down on you?

If we don’t realize that tonight it was a whole community that was torn and not just the family of that poor child we won’t realize that it Is a whole community that needs healing, so a whole community’s trauma doesn’t manifest into other types of social ills. We need each other more than ever and there is a mother right now that needs you to be strong and use that strength to support her in any way you possibly can.


To our young one’s out there who are friends with the teenage victims and are hurting tonight. Please know that more violence isn’t the answer. Please know that I have stood in the same shoes you’re standing in now and can reflect on that. Please know that the severity of retaliation runs deeper than the person or people you seek to revenge on or the consequence you may face. It just causes more hurt and pain to the innocent. Think about the elderly woman who loves her grandson, the mother who wants her son to return, and the sisters and brothers who want to remain a family. The grandmother, mother, brothers and sisters I speak of are your own.
One family, one love..

by Michael Jo Santos /via facebook




15-Year-Old Crawled to Porch in Final Moments of Fatal New Bedford Stabbing

15 year old killed

The 15-year-old New Bedford male that was fatally stabbed Wednesday evening had tried to make his way home before he died from his injuries.

The stabbing took place at Middle and Chancery Streets, near the Temple Landing housing development just before 6:30pm. New Bedford Police tell WBSM News the young man ran north on Chancery Street immediately after he was stabbed, turning East onto Kempton, and then turning south onto Emerson Street. Police say that’s where the young man collapsed onto the porch of his apartment and bled to death.

A woman who identified herself only as the young man’s aunt told WBSM News she saw one of the other two victims getting stabbed on Middle Street. “There was a kid across the street getting stabbed. Four kids ran in a white car. They kept moving up towards the basketball court.” The woman said she tried to get the victim help. “I tried to call 9-1-1 for him. I came around the corner. Kids ran and said my nephew got stabbed. That’s when I ran over here and I seen him on the ground fighting for his life. And now he’s gone.”

porch_15 year old killed

The Bristol County District Attorney’s Office has not released the young man’s identity. However, the woman identified the 15-year-old as her nephew, Mateo “Teo” Morales.

Police say the two other victims, a 16-year-old and a 22-year-old male, both of New Bedford, are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries in area hospitals.

No arrests have been made in the stabbing. Police on the scene told WBSM News multiple parties were involved. Investigators with New Bedford Police, Massachusetts State Police, and prosecutors from the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office are interviewing witnesses and reviewing surveillance video to determine what happened and gather more information on potential suspects.

By Taylor Cormier

Read More: 15-Year-Old Crawled to Porch in Final Moments of Fatal New Bedford Stabbing | http://wbsm.com/15-year-old-crawled-to-porch-in-final-moments-of-fatal-new-bedford-stabbing/?trackback=fbshare_top&trackback=tsmclip

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