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Virtual Cape Verde: the Quest for Independence

In honor of Cabo Verde’s 40th year of Independence, our guest speakers will present first hand reflections of the Independence struggle in Cabo Verde.

virtual-cape-verde-june 20 2015

Saturday at 12:30pm – 3:30pm ?Rochambeau Library-Providence Community Library, 70 Hope St, Providence, Rhode Island 02906

* * Dr. Richard Lobban * *
“The War Years and the Role of Amilcar Cabral”
Professor Emeritus of Anthropology Rhode Island College; Adjunct Professor of African Studies, Naval War College. Author of many books on Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau as well as historical books on Sudan and the Middle East. Most recent books on South Sudan and Libya. Currently doing archaeological excavations in Sudan.

* * Pedro Dos Reis Martins * *
“The Testimony of a Freedom Fighter”
From Santiago, Cape Verde, he was a student at Praia High School when at sixteen, he joined the ranks of clandestine PAIGC. He was arrested by the PIDE when he was 19 year old. Pedro Martins was imprisoned in the Civil Jail of Praia and them in the concentration camp of Tarrafal, where he was held for four years without trial. He was released after Portugal’s 25th of April (1974) Revolution.

Pedro served as Political Commissioner of the Municipality of Santa Caterina after his release. Martins was one of the seven members of the directorate of the Broad Liberation Front created immediately after the 25th of April in order to unite the people around the ideals of National Independence, and he formed the first political delegation which officially visited Guinea-Bissau in September of 1974. Martins was elected Member of the People’s National Assembly during the first Legislature and was appointed National Director of Youth by the Minster of Education and youth in 1976.

In 1982 Pedro Martins graduated with a degree in Architecture from the University of Arizona and in 1992, earned an NBA from Columbia University in New York. He is also an artist who has had several international exhibitions of his paintings.

Martins was a founding member of the Cape Verde’s Association of the Freedom Fighters. He is President of the Associations of Former Capeverdean Political Prisoners and a member of the Cape Verde Association of Architects as well as of The American Institute of Architects.


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